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The thirty regular issue of The European Journal of Applied Business and Management (EJABM) is now released, featuring diverse research contributions. This edition brings together a broad range of research perspectives, focal points, visions, and topics in the field of applied business and management.

Within this issue, you will find eight original research articles meticulously assessed through a double-blind peer-review system. This rigorous review process ensures the adherence to EJABM's publication and ethics standards while enhancing the scientific quality of the featured articles. As an international scientific journal, EJABM showcases research contributions from both Spain and Portugal in this edition. The content of this issue engages with and deliberates upon the contemporary landscape of research within the expansive domains of Female Entrepreneurship, Tourism, Finance, Sports Performance, Healthcare Marketing, and Corporate Brand Value.

The first article of this issue is “Women Entrepreneurs in Algarve: a case study”. This research aims to evaluate various aspects, including the profile, motivations, and challenges faced by female entrepreneurs. Additionally, the study delves into the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic crisis on their ventures.

The second article, "Tourist Motivations and Trends in the Current Market: A Study on Atomic Tourism," explores the significance of special interest tourism and territorial management in fostering a niche tourism destination, specifically focusing on atomic tourism or nuclear tourism.

The third article, titled "Health Shocks and Financial Vulnerability of the Spanish Population Under Review," endeavors to examine the connection between health shocks and the financial vulnerability (VF) of households in Spain.

The fourth article, "The Impact of Sports and Financial Performance of European Football Clubs on Their Share Prices," seeks to analyze the correlation between sports performance, financial performance indicators, and the determination of market prices. The study focuses on a selection of 9 European football clubs during the period from 2016 to 2022.

The fifth article, "Determinants of Access to Healthcare in European Countries," aims to investigate various factors, including the percentage of European citizens facing barriers to healthcare access due to financial constraints, waiting lists, or geographical distance.

The main objective of the sixth article “The role of trustworthy and entertaining content marketing in e-Commerce: Unveiling the key strategies for engaging” is to examine the influence of content marketing on e-commerce and identify key strategies for enhancing engagement.

The seventh article, titled "Relationship Management Between Customers and Suppliers: A Study in the B2B and B2C Context in Portugal," seeks to identify strategies, tools, and functionalities that impact the management of relationships between customers and suppliers within the wholesale and retail sectors in Portugal.

The eighth article is “The Impact of an IPO Launch on Corporate Brand Value”. This study investigates the impact of IPO launches on corporate brand value.

We believe that this issue of EJABM appeals to professionals and researchers in areas like entrepreneurship, tourism, finance and marketing.

The next regular issue of EJABM will be published in March 2024.

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Ana Pinto Borges, PhD.

Editor, European Journal of Applied Business and Management


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