Journal History

The European Journal of Applied Business and Management (EJABM) is an international double blind peer-reviewed and open access journal devoted to the publication of original empirical and theoretical research articles. EJABM publishes four regular issues and special issues over the year.

The journal was created in 2015 and is institutionally owned by ISAG - European Business School. The Research Coordination Office (GCI) and the Research Center in Business Sciences and Tourism of the Consuelo Vieira da Costa Foundation (CICET-FCVC) are responsible for its management, in order to promote the development of scientific knowledge in the areas of Business Sciences, Hospitality Management, and Tourism.

EJABM offers the opportunity to disseminate scientific knowledge and encourages research in the areas of (but not limited to) business sciences, such as business strategy, marketing, entrepreneurship and innovation, human resource management, organizational behavior, organizational theory and international business.