Editorial EJABM Vol.4 (4), 2018

Ana Pinto Borges


The European Journal of Applied Business and Management (EJABM) publishes its eleventh regular issue, with articles written by national and international researchers.

This issue includes eight scientific articles that were evaluated by a double blind system, covering different areas of applied business and management. The reader will have online access to the articles in the areas of Accounting and Finance; Marketing, Applied Economics and Human Resources Management. The articles of the present edition come from a diversity of countries, namely: Portugal, Spain and India.

This edition starts with a paper called “Capabilities and innovation: the moderating effect of environmental turbulence”, where the author developed a framework to investigate the role of innovation as a mediator between capabilities and export performance.

Then, it is presented the paper “Influence of review quality, review quantity and review credibility on purchase intention in the context of high involvement products” who examines from literature review the impact on purchase intention.

In business management, it is presented the study “La realidad de la Inteligencia Espiritual en las organizaciones españolas. Caso de studio” who studies which studies the importance of the concept of spiritual intelligence for organizations.

Regarding the studies on accounting, the article " A transparência na Administração Pública Local: Análise dos Websites da NUTII" proposes from the analysis of information made available on the web by the Portuguese Administration Public, the legal questions related to information. In the same subject, “Perceções das empresas portuguesas na prevenção e deteção da fraude” proposes to analyze the portuguese perspective of those responsible for the prevention and detection of fraud in Portuguese companies, what the valuation these professionals attribute to the audit work.

To finish this edition, the issue presents a paper in the finance area. “O Impacto das Restrições Financeiras no Investimento das Empresas do Setor Têxtil Português” brings the contribution on the impact of financial constraints on the decision to invest in real assets. For this, we analyze the sensitivity of business investment to domestic financing.

We invite all the researchers and those interested to read this edition, with original empirical and theoretical research articles which in total covers 106 pages. Thank you for considering the EJABM for reading and publishing your research.

The next issue of EJABM will be coming out in March 2019.



Ana Pinto Borges, PhD

Editor, European Journal of Applied Business and Management


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