EJABM, Vol 4, Issue 3, September/2018

Ana Pinto Borges


The European Journal of Applied Business and Management (EJABM) publishes its tenth regular issue, with articles written by national and international researchers.

This issue includes eight scientific articles that were evaluated by a double blind system, covering different areas of applied business and management. The reader will have online access to the articles in the areas of: Accounting and Finance; Marketing, Applied Economics and Human Resources Management. The articles come from a diversity of countries, namely:  Portugal, Spain and Brazil.

This edition starts with a paper entitled “Institutional distance and multinational enterprises’ FDI decisions in Portugal”, where the authors where the authors examine institutional distance effects on foreign multinational enterprises’ strategic FDI decisions in Portugal.

Then, it is presented an article that evaluates forms of solution to increase productivity in the context of Brazilian federal authority, namely in terms of productivity and quality of life, with the implementation of solutions such as teleworking in the form of Home Office. The concept of behaviours of commitment and organizational citizenship is also studied in this ninth edition.

The discussion and relevance of studies focusing on technologies is also seen in this issue. The conceptual article “Ecosistema del emprendimiento tecnológico: una prouesta” recommends thinking about the current system of technological enterprise through a proposal focused on the literature on the subject.

To finish this edition, the issue presents one conceptual paper on the finance area called “Os normativos contabilístico e fiscal nos subsídios a ativos não correntes”. objective of the work is a reflexive analysis to the Accounting Standard and Financial Reporting, contributing to an enrichment of academic and technical knowledge in the accounting and tax fields.

We invite all the researchers and those interested to read this edition, with original empirical and theoretical research articles which in total covers 156 pages. Thank you for considering the EJABM for reading and publishing your research. 

The next issue of EJABM will be coming out in December 2018.



Ana Pinto Borges, PhD

Editorial Board of the European Journal of Applied Business and Management


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