EJABM, Vol 4, Issue 2, June/2018

Ana Pinto Borges


The European Journal of Applied Business and Management (EJABM) publishes its ninth regular issue, with articles written by national and international researchers.

This issue includes eight scientific articles that were evaluated by a double blind system, covering different areas of applied business and management. The reader will have online access to the articles in the areas of: Accounting and Finance; Marketing, Applied Economics and Human Resources Management. The articles come from a diversity of countries, namely:  Portugal, Spain, Sri Lanka and India.

This edition starts with a paper entitled “Relational outcomes of perceived justice in the insurance industry”, where the authors attempt to help the insurance companies to understand the effects of service recovery rendered when service failure happens.

Then, it is presented an article that evaluates how the policies implemented by different government administrations have promoted the number of university spin-offs. The concept of urban growth is also studied in this ninth edition.

In the area of marketing, can be consulted a paper that aims to investigate the relation between factors effecting viral marketing and consumers’ buying intention. Additionally, a study regarding partnering as a tool for developing European opera audiences is showed. In this article, the authors relies essentially on two techniques: content analysis and in-depth interviews.

After, can be read an article in the area of Human Resources Management, that analyze the antecedents and consequences of organizational creativity and the creative climate in the marketing environment.

To finish this edition, the issue presents two papers on the finance area. One analyzes the impact of bank corporate governance and capital on risk-taking during the period 2004-2011, focusing on Spanish saving banks. The other one explores how the environmental differences in developed and emerging economies affect capital budgeting techniques choices and influence firm performance.

We invite all the researchers and those interested to read this edition, with original empirical and theoretical research articles which in total covers 146 pages. Thank you for considering the EJABM for reading and publishing your research.  

The next issue of EJABM will be coming out in September 2018.



Ana Pinto Borges, PhD

Editorial Board of the European Journal of Applied Business and Management


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